More than 35 years ago, Greg Harman Joinery was established, starting life innocuously in Greg’s father’s shed. At that time, today’s modern machinery were unknown, so Greg began building kitchens in a space the size of a single garage, with all-hand-held equipment.

Growing up in a family of cabinet makers – Greg’s grandfather and uncle were both in the trade – peaked Greg’s interest so he left school aged 15 years and began his own cabinet making apprenticeship.

Greg ended up completing his apprenticeship and then staying with the same company for the next 10 years as he honed his skills and became an expert in his trade. He took some time out of the industry, working in live deer recovery on both the north and south islands. After a couple of years, he returned to Hawkes Bay and started creating kitchens. Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, Greg continued his voluntary work as a crewman on the Rescue Helicopter.

Eventually the business was large enough for Greg to employ another person and, at the same time, he moved to a larger space, then to a pre-built factory and finally to the purpose-built current factory around 10 years ago. The current space features 820sqm of factory, together with 55sqm for the showroom and office, which shows how far the business has come in the years since it resided in Greg’s father’s shed.


Today the business employs 10 staff in total, plus the owners Greg and Ginny Harman. Both Greg and Ginny feel passionate about continuing education so, in addition to taking on apprentices and ensuring they pass on their knowledge, there is an investment made in continuing education and staff development within the business.


To manage the workload, Greg and Ginny share business tasks with Greg mainly looking after the factory and Ginny managing the administration and operations with the help of an office manager.

Today, the business still focusses on kitchens and related joinery, with a new range of customisable wardrobe elements launched recently. Residential renovations is the business’ speciality, with Greg believing strongly in a consultative process that takes into consideration how his clients live and entertain, and what they need to improve their home and lifestyle.

All kitchens and joinery are custom-designed to suit the space and the families they are built for.



The newly-launched wardrobe system came from organic growth initially with Greg noticing more and more customers asking for a custom solution for fit outs. Given the business was already focussed on bespoke design, it felt like the perfect addition to the product mix to provide clients with a made-to-order system that’s easy to mix and match.

Each unit has a standard height and depth, but the width, colours and fittings are all customisable so every family is able to choose a layout that works for them.


As technology has emerged, Greg has always been one of the first to employ new machinery and equipment in the factory and sees it as an investment in the business. He believes in making sure his team builds the best kitchens they can, so he will continue with early uptake of new technologies as they arise.

Greg Harman Joinery continues to challenge itself to produce high-quality joinery with an emphasis on the customer experience. Greg, Ginny and the team focus on each client individually, to ensure every kitchen or wardrobe is designed and built with the customer’s needs in mind.



Every client is unique and the way they live, how they entertain, members of their family, and many other factors mean a personalised approach is necessary to ensure the final design is perfectly tailored to suit their needs.


That’s why the first step in our process is an assessment of your individual requirements. We’ll ask you a lot of questions about your family and lifestyle to understand how we can maximise the functionality and practicality of the area, with an emphasis on effective space planning. Then we’ll spend time talking about aesthetics – colours, textures, finishes, fittings and all the little elements that go into making your space a visual pleasure.

We’ll also talk about time frames so you have a good idea, right from the start, about how long the renovation will take and what to expect throughout the process. We’re up-front with our schedule and when we make a plan, we stick to it.

1. Consultation
The initial consultation is an information-gathering session so please bring along all your plans and dreams for your new space. If you have put together an inspiration board or scrapbook, we’d love to see it. We also want to know what’s on your “must have” list and what’s on your “wish list”.

2. Design Concept
Based on the information gathered at our initial consultation, we’ll proceed to draw up an initial design concept. This will be sketched out so you can see all our ideas on the page to help you visualise the new layout and design.

3. Finalisation of finishes and extras
We’ll provide our expert advice and opinion, and help walk you through the finishes and any extras you require. We can look at colour samples and try different variations until we decide on the final look and feel, plus all your internal fittings and finishes.

4. Pricing and confirmation of design
Once all your finishes and extras are confirmed we will provide you with a detailed quotation for your new space.

5. Check measure
Once you accept the quotation and sign the contract, we’ll conduct a check measure appointment to confirm all our measurements on site and then draw up our detailed production plans which will then be sent to our factory.

6. Manufacture & Installation
Now we proceed to the manufacturing stage. An installation date will be confirmed and all joinery will be assembled and quality-checked in our factory before being delivered to site. Our specialist installation team will install your new joinery on site and conduct the final handover when the project is complete.